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'United State'
Daryl Soar

daryl soar

I checked the band out and was really excited about getting their latest release. The album opens with 'The Lord Came Down'. My head was confounded, my brow furrowed, my foot tapped. Well, it fits the bill of yet-more-BRAND-NEW-SIN but something felt amiss. My foot insisted on tapping.


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Half way through the first song my head starting nodding and I was waiting for the chorus. Good old rock 'n' roll as only Lemmy would describe, only needing blue collar and beer drinking to complete the band's own definition. And it was getting me hooked.

The album continues with more foot tapping rock 'n' roll easing into the acoustic 'Rotten As Hell', followed by the acoustic opening 'Elbow Grease' that rocks its way into 'Infamous'.

It was about this time I realised the band was taking me on a journey and while I hadn't known it at the start. It was a journey I wanted to take.

Closer inspection of the band biog revealed a new guitarist had joined the established trio. I'm always sceptical of the lead-guitarist title as it frequently alludes to someone that insists on self abuse at the expense of the song. Tommy Matkowski's contribution to this album is an added depth and clarity to the hooks and melodies with the some splashes of tasteful lead-work.

Catchy words, catchy hooks, riffs and melodies, what's not to like? It isn't quite as full on in your face guitar heavy as I'd expected but the balance is good. It's what you would have expected, only with greater depth.

They've slipped into a softer feel which happens to work well in contrast with the heavier moments. The vocals are accordingly eased back and less aggressive and have a pure depth and charm that puts across the honest quality of the music.

I really like it, so much so I've revisited 'Rotten As Hell' a few times more than I should have done.

'United State' - best served with sun and a chilled beer.



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