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Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

Well, well, well! Who would of thunk it? Went out to buy myself a new Xbox 360 game and ended up stumbling across an exciting and very proficient Metal outfit. If you can look past the fact that the drummer looks like an unnamed American WWE superstar (cough cough Edge!), and the lead singer looks very young for his age, you have here a very decent, potentially great Liverpool thrash Metal outfit.

lacuna coil
Pic: Wendy Pritchard

I had the fantastic opportunity to observe one of their practice sessions, and I have to say I was impressed. For the first time ever, the sheer power had me putting one earplug in to protect my drums, the tools of my reviewing trade.

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Recent achievements include their headlining Revolver Rocks this month and their recent success in the regional Global Battle Of The Bands final. They are performing in the national finals on 28th November 2011 in the 100 Club in London. Check them out one and all!

Right, to the EP and the reason I am writing this. I do have to say in all fairness it is a little short for an EP, being only two songs. However, the material contained within is, in my opinion, extremely proficient. First up with 'Iniquity', the track starts off slowly and begins to up the tempo as it marches onwards. Quite raw and powerful vocals working in tandem with some absolutely brilliant instrumental work makes this track really grab the attention of the listener and become invested in it. Before you know it, the head is banging and the enjoyment is mounting.

Onwards, and we take off into 'Unknown Skies', softening the pace for the first few seconds before plunging into a face-rippling beginning somewhat akin to being caught in a wind tunnel. It slowly brings you up before plunging you through the terror and excitement of the rollercoaster ride that the track is. Great material!

Over too soon, but the band's ongoing story has only just begun. New album coming soon, gigging aplenty and, hopefully, success in the nationwide competition at the 100 Club very soon. All exciting chapters yet to come in this worthy tale and I, for one, am happy to be in on the ground floor.

Grab your shovel and a car with a big boot coz tonight we are going to BURY THE CONSCIOUS!



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