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lee fitzsimmons

inmoria a farewell to nothing - the diary part 1

"An album that screams beauty almost as much as Amy Lee herself. Evanescence is defined as 'to disappear' and I can honestly say with an outing this fine, a vanishing act is the last thing that should be on the cards"

An evening spent in the company of Amy Lee, Evanescence and a newly crafted album designed to delight and astound? What more can a guy or gal ask for?

Evanescence have themselves an unmistakable style which has led them to obtaining their phenomenal global success coupled with an immense following.

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In this third instalment of the ongoing success story that is the career of Evanescence, the clear indication is a progressive album that stays true to their very core which has brought them so much success to date. I have to say the tracks contained within will certainly not leave their fans disappointed.

Tracks such as 'The Change' includes particularly powerful vocal ability, stunning harmonies and a melody that seems to convey the love that was lost and the myriad of emotion that losing someone would evoke. This track in particular stands out for me as being an empathetic and raw emotional journey into the subject matter of the song. A stand alone favourite of mine which definitely screams 'single'!

Two of the major recurring themes within the album seem to be the search for a profound love and issues around this coupled with an underlying message of obtaining freedom from the things that would chain us. 'Erase This' is a perfect example of where those two themes collide and merge in audio symbiosis. It evokes an image of ensnarement in a mental trap whilst emotions rage around you. An absolutely awesome track!

Throughout the album many tracks stood out in my mind as memorable for the emotionally intense subject matter which is delivered in a way which encompasses the listener in a soothing, and often, beautiful shroud. Ones such as 'My Heart Is Broken', 'End Of The Dream' and 'Never Go Back' particularly drew me in. Evanescence have really created an album which gives the listener a roller-coaster ride of emotion throughout the search for love and an enduring freedom.


Haunting would be a very apt word to describe this latest creation from Evanescence. Emotionally haunting would actually be more accurate. With melodic tones that they are famous for linked in with Amy Lee's fantastic vocals and, as always, an excellent outing instrumentally, especially from lead guitarist Terry Balsamo, Evanescence have proven to their fans, once again, to be capable of delivering quality tracks, which delight, evoke, and comfort.

"Delightful, enrapturing and, above all, emotionally evoking piece of Evanescence contained within this album. To understand a love intense or a freedom so longed for you need to be immersed in this album and have it wash over you."

3rd October 2011: Release Date 11th October 2011


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