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'The Solitude Of Prime Numbers'
Released: 1st November 2011

Jeff Kent

jeff kent

Let's see, which Mike Patton are we going to get here? Reluctant rap-Metal pioneer, avant-garde jazz scream-meister, vocal acrobat, experimental classical composer, crooner? Nope, what we get with his latest release is Mike Patton score/soundtrack composer for Italian cinema. Sure, why not?!


Like his mentor John Zorn, Patton is unafraid to venture into uncharted musical territories. 'The Solitude Of Prime Numbers' is listed as music from and inspired by the film (directed by Saverio Costanzo) and novel (by Paolo Giordano) of the same name, and it is probably best appreciated if you're familiar with those works.

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That's not to say it doesn't stand well on its own; it does, to some extent. This is a very quiet and introspective record and would benefit from some headphone listening in a dark room. The melodies are largely played by the piano against an atmospheric background to create an eerie and slightly ominous tone. There are some almost sub-sonic bass notes that will test your subwoofer as they're more felt than heard. It's too bad this isn't being released until November as it would make excellent Hallowe'en music.


You might notice that the tracks are sequenced in an odd fashion. I'll let you figure that mystery out on your own.

This isn't for the casual Faith No More or Mr Bungle Fan, but if you enjoy Patton's other offbeat recordings, like 'Pranzo Oltranzista' or some of the mellower parts of 'Adult Themes For Voice', both on John Zorn's Tzadik label, then you might like this.


02. Twin Primes
03. Identity Matrix
05. Method of Infinite Descent
07. Contrapositive
11. Cicatrix
13. Abscissa
17. Isolated Primes
19. Radius of Convergence
23. Separatrix
29. The Snow Angel
31. Apnoea
37. Supersingular Primes
41. Quadratix
43. Calculus of Finite Differences
47. Zeroth
53. Weight of Consequences


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