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(SPV Steamhammer)
Release Date: September 2nd 2013



In the world of rock' roll, sometimes it's a game of It's A Knockout and in order to survive you need to play The Jokers because rock n' roll is alive and well with this second album from the North West rockers.

It's been four years since they released their debut album 'The Big Rock 'N' Roll Show' and since then they've been touring hard up and down the country with the classic rock acts such as Hawkwind, Y&T, Down 'N Outz, Argent, Anvil and Fozzy winning themselves new fans with their brand of happy beer swigging rock 'n roll.

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This album has a much nicer and easier flow to it than waiting for a pint of dark mild to be poured but it goes down just as fast and is so tastes so good you'll be back for another round.

'Silver City', 'Radio' and the album title track are easy going rockers that sound great when blasted out of the car stereo whilst trying to attract the opposite sex.

the jokers

On songs such as 'Find My Way Home' and 'Bring Your Love Back To Me' the band show they have a mature side as they head into Free blues territory with aplomb. The zany 'Dr Rock Head' is a party stormer that makes you reach for the repeat button.

The production is polished and a little too slick, but that problem is easily solved by turning up the bass and the volume to eleven because it's good to let the neighbours know that rock 'n roll is certainly well alive with the Jokers.

The Jokers play a double headline show with the Sons Of Icarus at the Borderline, London on Tuesday September 10th

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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