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'Rock For The Rising Sun' DVD
(Eagle Vision)


aerosmith Rock For The Rising Sun

This new DVD from Aerosmith chronicles their tour of Japan in late November 2011, just some eight months after the disastrous Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that caused widespread devastation to parts of Japan that resulted in the deaths of almost 16,000 people and the fear of radiation fallout that was bestowed on the country and it's people in the following months.

Directed by Casey Patrick Tebo, the aim of this film is to express the connection of love between Aerosmith and their fans of Japan, "It's a beautiful thing," says Steven Tyler throughout the film.

The live footage is excellent and the band have a raw energy as they tear into the mostly older material on offer here including Aerospiffing takes on such gems as 'Draw The Line' and 'Mama Kin'.

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However, just as you start to rock on the edge off your seat, the concert footage is broken up with interview snippets and solemn moments as the band visit and pay their respects to Hiroshima. Whilst it is interesting to see the personal side of the band, this would have been much better if left to a bonus disc and the concert footage was left as a complete concert.

What does leave a sour taste in the mouth is the way that Aerosmith have made a big deal out of the fact that they disregarded warnings to stay away from the country for their own safety and along with it's management and crew decided that the only way to help the people of Japan was with their music.

Nothing wrong with that as such, but for their own financial gain Aerosmith are giving the impression that they were the only band from the western world brave enough to do this. As you can see from the trailer below, comments such as "The world was told to stay away, but ONE BAND REFUSED TO LISTEN!" are a little hard to swallow.

What they forget to inform you is that Def Leppard were touring Japan just a few weeks before, as were Whitesnake who filmed their recent 'Made In Japan' DVD there a month beforehand.

In fact between the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami and the time that Aerosmith toured Japan a whole host of bands toured the land of the rising sun including Limp Bizkit, Toto, Ginger Wildheart, Linkin Park, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Panic At The Disco, Feeder, Cathedral, Morbid Angel, Night Ranger, Children Of Bodom, Maroon 5, Beady Eye, Cyndi Lauper and even Kylie Minogue and Justin Bieber were all brave enough to put smiles on the faces of this lovely nation. Slash performed Osaka just four days after the disaster without making any public fanfare.

In fact, MetalTalk columnist Chris Dale toured with Mr Big just after the tsunami and you can read his report right here.

Yes folks, there's no business like show business.... The live footage is good though.

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