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Tina Saul

8th August 2011

tina saul

outlod love catastrophe

What better way to kick off a sleaze album than with a track called 'We Came to Rock'. That's the starting point for Outloud's second album 'Love Catastrophe'. And yes it does rock, with a rhythm not dissimilar to Steel Panther's 'Death To All But Metal', but these guys aren't a glam Metal parody band, oh no.

If you're looking for an album that will just make you smile, 'Love Catastrophe' is it; classic AOR sound, traditional melodies, riffs and guitar solos.

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'Isolation Game' has some weird vocal effect going on, but other than that it's a cracking song. The rest of the rifftastic album takes you back to the 80s LA scene, but with a modern edge. Highlights are 'Falling Rain', 'Waiting For Your Love' and the album's title track 'Love Catastrophe'.

I have absolutely no idea how this band got together given the members are scattered all across the globe (New York, Hamburg, London, Athens) but I'm glad they did.

'Love Catastrophe' is out now on AOR Heaven. To find out more about the band and how to get your grubby little mitts on the album, head on over to


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