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Tina Saul

17th June 2011

tina saul


They say great things come in threes and that's certainly the case with Buckcherry...

Three days and three Buckcherry gigs, that's not a bad way to live your life, is it? The first was at Download Festival. A solid set, with a good choice of songs to please the fans.

I have to say the persistent rain put a real dampener on the idea of walking up to the second stage, but it was so worth it. We managed to smile away the rain and boogie in the mud, helped by the inspiration of Josh busting some pretty awesome dance moves.

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And then after showering away the post-Download blues, I got to see them again at Metal Hammer's Golden God awards. A much shorter set, with only three tracks, and I did think it was an odd choice for Hammer, but they got the crowd warmed up and did not look out of place at all.

Josh Todd is by far the sexiest man in rock at this moment in time, in my opinion. He may not be the best looking, but he oozes charisma and he's looking great and his voice is on top form. Don't let that distract from the rest of the band who are a very tight outfit.


And that's the reason why I made the trek up to the Electric Ballroom, rather than recovering from the antics of the previous few days. It was packed, with quite a diverse crowd, and as I walked in Slaves To Gravity were finishing up their set and doing a good job of getting people in the mood for the LA headliners.

Josh's vocals on 'Rescue Me' where amazingly good, for someone that had probably had less sleep than me over the last 72 hours. Before playing the title track of their last release 'All Night Long', Josh removed the first layer of clothes to his idolising fans and even the men cheered with anticipation of seeing his tattooed torso. But he revealed just a leather waistcoat underneath, keeping everyone waiting until after 'Everything'. That certainly got the crowd going – in fact I've heard quite a few men over the last few days say they'd go gay for him.

Before belting out 'Next To You', Josh asked the crowd 'Who's Feeling Sexy?' and pointing out members of the crowd and singling them out as sexy. One girl even got up on a friend's shoulder and displayed her best assets, managing to crowd surf her way to the front and into his vision. Was it worth it for her? I'd say so when he said "She has nice areolas".

And of course they had to finish their main set with crossover hit 'Crazy Bitch'. Which featured a nice mini medley of Aerosmith's 'Sweet Emotion' and KC and the Sunshine Band's 'Get Down Tonight'.


He seemed far more vocal with the crowd tonight than at any other time I've seen them and kept talking about clearly his favourite pastime – sex. He said his music is about fucking and fighting and even launched into a speech about how American governors should be allowed to get away with their sex scandals.

You're probably reading this and wondering what the rest of the band were like? Splendid is a good word to sum it up: Keith Nelson and Stevie D are solid guitarists, provided by great bass backing from Jimmy 'Two Fingers' Ashhurst and Animal-inspired drumming from Xavier Muriel.

I really don't get why this band aren't bigger with the current line-up. Maybe it's because you are completely transfixed on Josh throughout the gig, without actually paying attention to how talented the rest of the band are.

And I wonder if Velvet Revolver would still be going strong now, if Slash hadn't dismissed Josh and Keith...


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