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Tina Saul

15th June 2011

tina saul

pink cogar camden underworld

One of the latest young bands to hit the London music scene are Pink Cigar. I headed down to check them out at The Camden Underworld, where they were supporting Heavy Metal Kids (featuring Phil Lewis, I might add).

And this was their second set in just a few hours, having played The Almost Famous Festival at the bowling lanes down the road earlier in the day.

pink cigar

The band are tight, talented musicians, but vocalist Sharkie Cottrell seems to put more effort into his stage performance, over his vocals.

Once he'd shed his heavy fur coat, he seemed to improve, with a stage presence a cross between Iggy Pop and Michael Monroe. Maybe he should practice his microphone swigging a little more to prevent smacking guitarist, Sam Rutland, with it next time.

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The vocals were much better on the songs that were more on the melodic side. They got a few people pogoing and bopping down the front, but the crowd seemed divided in their like or dislike for this band's take on punk rock.

pink cigar

Pink Cigar are young and energetic and even if you don't like their style of music, they certainly put on an entertaining show. To find out more about them, check them out on Facebook or Myspace.


Roughshooter, Camden Underworld reviewed by Jonathan Churchill


My column is generally focused on classic Metal, especially bands with twin guitars and double-kick drums, but I took a trip out of my comfort zone last Sunday as it was a Bank Holiday weekend and dropped into the Underworld, Camden, to see a trio of Roughshooter, Pink Cigar and Heavy Metal Kids featuring Phil Lewis.

Roughshooter, a West London four-piece, earned a few words of review because they played a short but impressive set which really lit up the room, and, clearly caught the attention of one or two screaming female fans!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the band opened with a great bluesy/grungey hard rock sound, with a real nod to the 70s. Lead guitar Stephen Aylott really stood out with some richly toned lead work, backed by a focused rhythm section. Singer Patrick Boylan did a great job working the near-empty room and created a great feel to the early part of the evening.

The set list included 'Too Good' and 'Without A Doubt', both of which you can find on their MySpace Page, and 'What Comes Naturally' and 'Twice', both of which are helpfully up on YouTube.

Check them out if you see them playing locally. Roughshooter are definitely worth a shot.


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