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It's Carnival time, the party of the people they say, that time of year which you do not work, you put on your costume, go to the streets, drink as much as you can until you fall and shag everybody who is in front of you.

It lasts for five days (seven for the "lucky" ones) and you are forced to listen to that horrible music coming from the streets nearest you.

Anyway, I bloody hate Carnival. Do you know what I do instead? I interview rock stars. And today I bring you not only one, but two interviews: Jeff Scott Soto and Eric Martin.

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Both of them are coming to Brazil on a tour together, starting March 8th. I was not sure if I would have the time to meet them when they are here since they have a pretty tight schedule ahead of them, however they were kind enough to give me some of their time.

But before you read it, I must inform you of the tour. First of all, it's not the first time they have come to Brazil together. In 2010 they came here for two shows and here's a look to see how cool it was:

This time Jeff Scott Soto will come with his Queen Tribute Concert before coming back home to finish his next album, which will be a band album and not another solo effort.

As for Eric Martin, he promises to play some Mr Big hits as well as some of his solo material and maybe a couple of covers. Will they be together on stage? Well, there's a chance for that as you can read in the interviews below.

Here is what Jeff Scott Soto had to tell me before getting his plane to Rio.

Hi Jeff, here you are back in Brazil after one year since you last came. What do you expect from this new tour?

"Well it's not really a tour, it started as one show on the Motorcycle Cruise to do this Queen set as they wanted me for this, not for my own band at this time. I told them I would only be interested if I can do at least one more show, it's a LONG flight from Los Angeles to come only for one show.

"Once the second show was booked, others came in with interest to do more. I didn't want to make a tour of this because I don't want people thinking this is my new decision to do tribute tours. This is more for fun, as a reason to come back to Brazil before my real tour later!"

eric martin jeff scott soto

This time you are touring with Eric Martin. Can the fans expect a jam with you two on stage?

"Eric is a dear friend, I love him both musically and personally so I always look forward to sharing the bill with him. Jamming together is never discussed, we decide at the time and moment so for now, there is no plan."

You will be on a cruise, the Motorcycle Rock Cruise. Is it your first time performing on a cruise? If so, how do you think it will be? If not, tell us how is the experience of performing on a boat? Do you end up hanging out with fans before and after the gig? Are those cruises a way of getting fans and idols closer to each other?

"No, I have done a few of these rock cruises... the funny thing about them is yes, of course you're closer to fans and the people coming to see you but you don't want to get too close as I have done many shows where the audience is mostly my friends or people I know and its difficult to entertain them fully because they feel if they're too close, they don't have to respond like an audience.

"So I try to find a balance of hanging around but also hiding a bit so they don't see me every minute before I hit the stage and it feels more like a real gig, letting the connection occur more onstage during the gig. After the gig is totally different, I don't mind taking photos and shaking hands, I can relax and be a part of the experience at that point."

You recently posted on your Facebook page that this will be a busy year for you. Tell us a little bit about this reunion with Talisman. How will it be for you without Marcel Jacob next to you on stage?

"This Talisman reunion has been a long time coming. It made the most sense to do this year as its the five year mark since Marcel left us as well. He would have been 50 years old this year.

"There is a lot in the plans, I am hoping it all comes together as I have in my head, I want it to be something very special beyond just another show."

And what about your new album? You said it will be a band album, instead of a solo one.

"I am not saying much more about this right now, one of the reasons I am refusing all interviews. I only wanted to discuss this Queen thing as I am not ready to give bits and pieces of info anymore about the next steps until I am ready to give ALL details about it including letting people hear it finally."

eric martin jeff scott soto

How are the discussions of reuniting with Axel Rudi Pell later this year? Can you comment a little further on that?

"There is discussion of me joining him onstage at a festival in Germany in July; I am waiting for details still."

Last time I interviewed you in Rio for, you taught our readers how to make the perfect Caipirinha. Have you learned any new recipe that you're willing to share with us this time?

"I remember that but maybe you don't remember, it was a Caipiroska, I don't like Caipirinha's! I don't have any new recipes, I haven't even been drinking much, have been too busy touring and taking care of my health... but every time in Brazil, I make up for it!

Click here to see Jeff's exclusive Capiroska's recipe!

What is the question that I forgot to ask that you really wanted to answer?

"Why after 30 years of a successful career do you still get people calling you 'Scott' as your first name? My reply is 'have you ever called David Lee Roth 'Lee'?'"

Do you have a message for our readers?

"My message is all in my answers here. Love and enjoy life while you can! :)"

Now let's check what Eric Martin had to tell us:

Hi Eric. How's coming back to Brazil? Last time was with Avantasia, right? You were also here the year before with Mr Big.

"To me it's a long time coming. I always miss Brazil, the fans bring so much energy and rock n' roll love to the event I almost feel like I'm the one whose being entertained."

How was touring with Avantasia? How did Tobias approach you? Did you know the project before you were invited? How was working with Michael Kiske?

"Tobias came to a Mr Big show that I was playing at in Eastern Europe and that was the one show out of the whole seven month tour that I lost my voice. God I felt terrible and embarrassed.

"Tobias gave Billy Avantasia's box set for me to listen to and watch. Ironically he bought the box set at a local record store because he forgot to bring one... I think hearing that story sold me on this talented kid. I really didn't know what this project was all about but I knew that it was some sort of a rock opera.

"I was asked to sing the balled 'What's Left Of Me' and join their upcoming 'Mystery Of Time' tour. The music and all the musicians and singers were amazing but I was intimidated at first because I was taking the place of the great Jorn Lande. After a few dozen cold sweats, taking a diver's deep breath and re-adjusting my balls I think I pulled it off and maybe brought some hard soul to the mix.

"Michael was very helpful and sweet to me knowing that I was new to the tour and this style of music. He has a powerful presence onstage but off stage he's childlike in nature... he serenaded all of us with Elvis tunes before every show... it was a nice warm up before the three hour Metal opera. The King lives!"

This time you are touring with Jeff Scott Soto. Can the fans expect a jam with you two on stage?

"We've talked about it and we're not going to plan anything, we're just going to "wing it" as they say. If we're both feeling the love from the audience then sure, why not bust out a few tunes."

Will you be doing a fully acoustic set? What can the fans expect from this tour?

"Actually the majority of my show will be plugged in. I've hired a kick ass rock band from Brazil to play my songs and I will be playing a handful of acoustic songs by myself as well."

Browsing the internet, I found out that you are currently writing material for a new Mr Big album. Can you comment a little further on that?

"Yeah we're writing right now for an album to be released in about five months or so, with a tour to follow. I've been working everyday for the last two months and I can't wait till we all get together again."

How was reuniting with them after so many years? How did you settle everything that had happened before?

"God that was so long ago... when five, six, hell, ten years go by the things you disliked then seem so trite and trivial now. I know for a fact that we missed singing and playing that material together live.

"As clichéd as it sounds the BIG music brought us back with no questions asked. We didn't have any big plans to do anything except touring; we had such a great time of it that we decided to do an album. The only thing we all agreed on was keeping it completely painless and stress free.

"So far so good, we get together every couple years and rock n' roll. The minute it starts becoming a job or a pain in the ass than I guess we just put the Genie back in the bottle... again."

Are you and Billy on good terms again (if you ever were)? Do you talk to each other or is it a professional relationship only?

"Huh? This kind of question should be reserved for Hollywood power couples and tabloid fuck ups. Billy and I have known each other for 26 years, that's almost half my life. He's one of the most intelligent men that I've ever met; he's got a heart of gold and can also be as tough as nails. The key to a lasting R&R relationship is respect; I've never played with anybody better than him."

What is the question that I forgot to ask that you really wanted to answer?

"How did you get the name Mr. Big? Or When did you cut your hair and why? Or how is it that you're still so young looking? Do you take anti-aging drugs? I'll get back to you on that. Ha."

  Do you have a message for our readers?

"I love my life as a singer, songwriter and live performer. I wouldn't be able to cross the ocean, much less cross the street, without your unwavering loyalty and support for Mr Big and myself. Thank you all for keeping my dream alive so I can rock out for you."

The tour starts in Rio on March 8th and it ends on March 16th in São Paulo. Check below for more dates.

eric martin jeff scott soto

I'd like to give a big thanks to Heloísa Vidal @ FreepassEntretenimento.



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