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September 22nd was the day that Lapa, an area of Rio most known for its Samba roots, would see one of the best voices in Hard Rock history: Jeff Scott Soto. The gig happened at the Rio, Rock & Blues Music Club, a small, but cozy venue which offers us a very intimate show.

It would be my first time seeing JSS live. I had missed all of his previous gigs in Rio for several different reasons, but this time would be different: I was scheduled to interview him just before the gig.

The interview went fine, Jeff seemed to be a very cool guy and as you can see below, he will teach you how to make the perfect Caipiroska, and he will also sing Goty's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' specially for you, readers!

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Jeff Scott Soto chose Brazil to start his newest world tour to promote his latest album 'Damage Control' on Frontier Records. The Brazilian tour consisted of eight shows and it was a success. Alongside Jeff on stage, you could find the very talented Brazilian guitar/keyboard player/singer BJ, the also Brazilian solid drummer Edu Cominato and completing his band the virtuoso guitar player Jorge Salan (ex Mago de Oz) and Fernando Mainer on bass, both from Spain.

Those guys have been with Jeff for more than two years and they have recorded together a live DVD in 2010 called 'Jeff Scott Soto – Live In Madrid' also out on Frontier Records.

jeff scott soto

'Take U Down', a bonus track of the European version of 'Damage Control', was chosen to be the set opener. It's a heavy song and it worked perfectly fine, than it was followed with '21st Century', 'Damage Control' and the great 'One Love', from Jeff's 2009 project 'W.E.T.', which was the last work of Marcel Jacobs (Talisman), who died later that year.

One fact that caught my attention was that Jeff and the Rio crowd were in perfect tune. Jeff seems to feel at home in Brazil and we are known for being very warm people, so that explains a little bit. In between many Caipiroskas and jokes he played my personal favourite from the new album, 'Look Inside Your Heart', and the already famous 'Soul Divine'.

Another great moment of the night was Jeff's already famous covers of Madonna's 'Frozen' and Seal's 'Crazy' and right after that he started to sing along with the crowd Talisman's biggest hit 'I'll Be Waiting'.

Then 'Shot In The Dark' (Ozzy Osbourne) and 'Livin' The Life', from the soundtrack of 'Rock Star', ended the first part of the show. For the encore, the band started with 'Give A Little More', a great drum solo by Edu Cominato in which he played parts of (and the crowd sang along) Queen's 'We Will Rock You', Twisted Sister's 'We're Gonna Take It' and others. To finish the gig, they couldn't have chosen a better song than 'Stand Up', another hit song from the soundtrack of 'Rock Star'.

jeff scott soto

It was a fun night, I had a great time and I'm sure the people at the venue felt the same. After the gig there was a huge line of people waiting to talk, take pictures and get autographs. The band patiently gave attention to all of their fans.

Before coming back to L.A. Jeff posted on his official website: "At the airport in Sao Paulo after being awake nearly 24 hours, a night of Caipiroskas during a two hour sold out show and about to board my flight back home to LA... I have to first thank the staff at Free Pass Entertainment for a great tour and amazing hospitality... Flavio, Bruno, Heloisa & Ricky Dallal, you make my visits here more exciting and effortless, can't wait to do it again! Of course my band, Edu, BJ, Fernando and Jorge for helping me create the energy, laughs and entertainment for these hungry audiences, you guys all rule! And lastly, the Brazilian people who always take me into their hearts and make me feel like I'm coming home each time, I love you all and can't wait to do it again! Ciao... I need a week of sleep and detox from all this 'nectar of the Gods' haha... Obrigado!"

jeff scott soto

Jeff, will you please come back soon? Rio needs more rock, you know. Samba gets tiring most of the time.

jeff scott soto

jeff scott soto



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