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'The Devil's Rain'
(Misfits Records)
Out Now

Pippa Lang

pippa lang

The Misfits' first album for ten years, 'The Devil's Rain' romps around in ghoulish fashion, murderous japes aplenty, as you would expect from such a legendary comic-strip band. And that's exactly the problem: it's all very predictable.


Only Only (very droll - Ed) is left from the original Misfits, playing bass and fronting the band, whose heyday pretty much ended when the Glenn Danzig line-up disbanded in 1983. So, funnily enough, they sound like a band with only one limb, trying to bring the dead back to life.

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The album doesn't lack drive or energy - 'Twilight For The Dead' and 'Death Ray' race through their paces like a vampire dashing home before dawn - but there's too much emphasis on trying to maintain the Misfits image, rather than actually being the Misfits. Like painting by numbers, they seem to be following a formula rather than using the new line-up's own imagination.

On 'The Mummy's Hand', for example, Jerry Only sounds like Igor repeating the same line over and over to Dr Frankenstein, who probably got the point the first time. There's even, predictably, a track called 'Ghost Of Frankenstein'. 'Cold In Hell', 'Monkey's Paw' and the cringe-worthy 'Where Do They Go?' are right out of the rock'n'roll rulebook, complete with ooh-tastic harmonies. What is this? A Hallowe'en version of 'Grease'?!

What more can I say. 'The Devil's Rain' is a Misfits album, but sounds more like Herman Munster lumbering about trying to do the jive. Bring back The Cramps! Bring Lux Interior back from the dead! Now that'd be a real crowd-puller...



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