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'For Love'
(Sanguine Records)
Released: 3rd October 2011

Pippa Lang

pippa lang

Bloody hell. Schizoid female vocalist alert! It's not often a band hits me square between the eyes with just one track. 'For Love', first single off Sanguine's forthcoming 2012 album, is a dynamic, hook-heavy masterpiece, its B-side no less formidable. On this small piece of evidence (plus a nudge and a wink from a few high-falluting Sanguine champions), I'm pretty confident they have plenty more up their collective sleeve.


Singer Tarin Kerry has a voice of multiple personalities: menacing banshee, power ballad heroine and, even, Phil Anselmo's twin sister. A changeling with an excruciatingly sharp backbite, namely Nick Magee (guitar), Tom Sherwood (bass) and Matt Feld (drums), who weave their magic through 'For Love' so that it escalates seamlessly from chugging rock'n'roll through soaring rock refrain to crunching hardcore with frightening ease.

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B-side 'Anger Song' exploits Sanguine's hardcore tendencies, Tarin raging unnaturally (for a lady) through this twisting, turning, pissed-off slab of paranoia.

It doesn't surprise me at all that Maiden's Adrian Smith has asked Tarin to sing on his new solo album. Or, more notably, that after Sanguine hit the 'New Blood' stage at Bloodstock this year, two headline acts refused to follow them.

Follow that, as they say - or not, in Sanguine's case. Scary...


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