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By Pippa Lang
1st June 2011
pippa lang

tracie hunter joe elliott

If you like your rock to stir the cockles of your heart, Tracie Hunter's forthcoming album, 'Vasilisa', will have you reaching for the Kleenex (though hopefully not the noose).

Having heard a couple of other tracks from 'Vasilisa', first single 'Junkman' seems to be the commercial frontispiece of the album. Originally recorded in 1979 by Dad Ian Hunter and Genya Ravan, 'Junkman' is as emotional as the simpler 'Ghost' (delicate piano melody – see Facebook page), but its power-ballad production will surely find a home amidst the Bon Jovi collective.

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With the complementary gravel of Joe Elliot's voice as fine foil for Tracie's, plus Dad on backing vocals, Phil Collen on guitar and The Quireboys' Keith Weir tickling ivories, this would probably have hit the Top Ten (then and now), but for two obstacles, in my humble opinion:

1. Simon Cowell and 2. the hookline "Should've listened to the Junkman". Whatever the context, listening to the junkman (even 'when he sang'), has never been a good idea, from my experience anyway.

"Shouldn't listen to the Junkman..." – now there's a line that could've been taken up by the 'Just Say No' ambassadors.

Call me picky or righteous, I'm only thinking of the kids... blah blah blah...

Pippa Lang


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