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Bush Hall, London

Judith Fisher

judith fisher

The chance to watch multiple platinum selling British grunge rockers Bush playing a tiny 350 capacity venue in their home town was an opportunity I wasn't going to miss, so it was off down to the rather gorgeous Bush Hall to see this enigmatic band make their return after a far too long absence.


With a couple of line-up changes in place - Chris Traynor and Corey Blitz now joining the mainstays of Gavin Rossdale and Robin Goodridge, their long overdue return was to a house absolutely packed to the rafters. The whole place was buzzing with expectation during the wait for them to hit the stage and having hustled my way down to the front (not hard in this tiny place) I was in a fabulous position to watch them bounce onto stage, back as loud, feisty and brilliant as ever!

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There are a couple of things that immediately struck me - firstly that they're much heavier live than on record, and secondly the insane amount of energy that Rossdale has throughout the whole gig. Very tanned and athletic, (and yes girls, he is still extremely easy on the eyes!), he keeps up an unrelenting bounce that would destroy a man many years his junior.

Playing new tracks from the new album 'Sea Of Memories' alongside their classic tracks 'Everything Zen', 'Swallowed', 'Chemicals Between Us', 'Glycerine' and many more, they riffed, rocked, soared and stomped their way through a fabulous set, proving beyond any doubt that they are still one of Britain's finest exports.

It was quite fun to see one of Switzerland's finest there too. Roger Federer and wife were spotted mingling afterwards with the band and Gwen Stefani, looking stunning in short shorts and eye poppingly vertiginous heels.

This was an absolutely amazing gig. Having never seen them play live before I was completely blown away by just how superb they were and it's one that I'll never forget. Truly one of those nights to smile because you can say "I was there".

Utterly fabulous.



Land Of The Living
All My Life
I Believe In You
Chemicals Between Us
Sound Of Winter
Everything Zen
Heart Of The Matter
People That We Love
Be Still My Love
Little Things

Come Together, Glycerine, Comedown.



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