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'No Sky Today'
(Capital City Music Factory)
Out Now

Judith Fisher

judith fisher

For those who, as yet, have not heard the name No Sky Today, this band is the brainchild of guitar supremo Wayne Findlay (Slavior/Michael Schenker Group) and Paul Jones (Robot Lords of Tokyo), and their eponymously-titled debut album 'No Sky Today' is a very fine offering indeed.


With all music written and produced by Findlay and all vocals and lyrics written by Jones, the two of them have come up with an absolutely blistering slice of rock guaranteed to set even the most subdued senses tingling.

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Kicking in with a hint of that typical Clutch groove in the intro to 'No Sky Today', this album bursts into life with a fabulous, updated Seattle feel to the songs, hints of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains running rife amongst some phenomenal guitars and, for me, it feels like all my birthdays have come at once!

'She's On Fire' is a full-on, chunky guitar-riffed monster getting even the most sedentary up and bouncing and from the very start, the only way to play this album is LOUD!

Findlay and co have found a wonderful balance throughout, blending heart-pumping rock and searing vocals with some exceptionally delicate touches and simply wonderful keyboards, 'Escape' conveying this to the full.

Racking up the ante with 'Break Up', they can switch pace and personality at ease, and 'Intermezzo' is a pure exhibition of just how talented Findlay is on both guitar and keyboards - quite stunning. Ably aided on the record by Kelly Garni on bass and Scotty Phillips on drums, 'No Sky Today' is a beautifully produced piece and, if you like your rock big, bold and with huge guitars, then this is most definitely for you.

This quite simply has to be one of my albums of the year, and I'm already getting excited about the next one which is currently underway. If it's as good as this or better, it's going to be a classic.

Absolutely bloody marvellous!

Touring line-up:

Wayne Findlay - guitar/keyboards
Paul Jones - vocals
Brad Dettmer - drums
Joe Viers - bass


No Sky Today
She's On Fire
Final Hour
Heavy Is The Debt
Another Goodbye
Break Up
Real Life
Into The Sun
Gear Grinder



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