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Under And Over It

Judith Fisher

judith fisher

Five Finger Death Punch have their new single, 'Under And Over It', out now on Spinefarm Records, and a storming fine one it is too!


Bristling with aggression, Five Finger Death Punch are as brutal as ever on this single, yet still manage to meld this with their sublime melodies without losing any of the raging energy that runs rampant throughout. 'Under And Over It' is simply a superb, power-packed sarcastic swipe that sees the band coming out swinging. Hard.

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This, however, is just the aperitif to the main course, the release of their third studio album, 'American Capitalist', being imminent, and I've got to say, I'm salivating at the mere thought!

Brash, bullish and brutal. Superb!


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