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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
17th August 2011

megadeth peace sells

Having been a fan of Jane's Addiction since they started, it's been a long wait to hear something new...

So I was looking forward to listening to this in a big way, and how bloody great it is to hear them back in their sparkling best form!

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New single 'Irresistible Force' is a wonderfully sublime swirling melee of everything you'd expect from the ever fabulous Perry Farrell and the boys.

It drifts you down on a haunting trip back in time.

Farrell's wistful vocals slide over and wrap themselves around you like a soft comfortable blanket of familiarity, softening the penetrating drums and providing the perfect foil to Navarro's exquisite guitars.

A smooth, sultry evocative epic of a song and one I just can't stop playing. Utterly gorgeous.

The single is available on Itunes now, the album's due in stores on 27th September and with a slot at the Reading Festival coming up, I for one can't wait to see them playing this and many others live!


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