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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
27th May 2011

Rising Records Metal release roundup:


indestructible noise command

New York thrashers INC release their new album 'Heaven Sent... Hellbound' on June 6th on Rising Records. Back and heavier than ever, their new stuff is based loosely around soundbites from German cannibal Armin Meiwes (charming!), and is seriously good, brutal, old school NY thrash metal. Odds on there will be some bone crunching, body bruising circle moshing where ever they play.


confined within

CW released their debut album 'Ashes of a Fallen Kingdom' on May 23rd on Rising Records. Formed in 2207 and hailing from Stafford, this is a pretty decent metalcore album, hard as nails and with some great vocals that switch between singing and throat rattling growls! They're getting a good fan base too with support slots to Skindred and Bleed Within.


the dead lay waiting

This Swindon five piece of deathcore/grindcore moshers release their new album 'Almost Heaven' on June 13th on Rising Records. Their aggressive hardcore Metal is gaining them considerable notoriety and with a nomination for Best New British Band at the Kerrang awards and a Download slot on the Bedroom Jam stage this year, should see them getting bigger, sharpish. Not for the fainthearted!



Hailing from Newcastle, they release their debut album 'The Hate Effect' on June 20th on Rising Records. Formed in 2009 and playing hard bitten and deep throated thrash Metal. It'll be interesting to see how they get on over the next few months.



Ah, there it is, that good old European Metal feel! Barcelona's Kilmara released their second album 'Don't Fear The Wolf' on May 2nd on Rising Records and if you like your Metal big, chunky and melodic then this is for you. Produced by Helloween's old producer Roland Grapow, you can really hear that 90s Metal influence throughout and that does it no harm at all. Really rather good.


crimson falls

New album 'Fragments of Awareness' was released on May 2nd on Rising Records from Belgian Metallers and is a stonking great big monster album rammed full of heavy drums, fierce blistering guitar riffs and growling vocals. They take absolutely no prisoners on this 'deathmetalcore' album and are sure to go down a storm with any hardcore crowd.


dying signals

Bugger me, the Maltese don't mess about! This deathcore six piece band hailing from, yes, you guessed it, Malta, really let rip on their new album 'Intuitive Senses', out now on Rising Records. Possibly the hardest album out of this bunch of releases, this really is serious hard assed thrash/death Metal, brutal and punishing, and even though they look like they've got a great sense of humour in their promo pic, I'm not sure I'd want to meet them in a dark alley!

Muchos gracias to Rising Records for some cracking metal releases!


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