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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
19th May 2011

Three track single:
See Through Your Lies
Love's War


I've always found music to be very cyclical. Around every two decades or so a certain type of sound raises its ugly head back above the parapet and steps back out into the light, and this is none more so than with the music belted out by the very fine British gritty grunge rock band, Starseed.

With the new single 'See Through Your Lies', the final one to be taken off their second album 'Peace Machine', they're dipping into music reminiscent of the 90s grunge era, that Seattle sound when so many fantastic alternative rock and Metal bands were thrust into the fore. Comparisons to the likes of Stone Sour and Stone Temple Pilots have been forthcoming with Starseed and believe me, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!


'See Through Your Lies' batters in with a wave of fierce guitar riffs, a huge chunk of sound with some great vocals and harmonies cutting through the blistering drumming, a really fine track switching tempo and mood changes with sublime ease.
'Love's War' pounds on with dark and melancholic force, and final track 'Alone' storms and weaves moodily along in similar style, Russell Spence's powerful and emotive vocals lifting the track up to a serious high.

Starseed really are a cracking band, melding their grunge roots with hurt, grit and dark, soaring melodies over their powerful, driving sound and with a Sunday slot at the Download Festival beckoning, this should be a very bright year for this talented British band.

Definitely one to look out for.

Release date 6th June


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