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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
11th April 2011

generation graveyard

Bugger me, Wolfsbane headlining the Borderline. Now there's a gig I wasn't going to miss, and with the exception of freezing my ass off on the motorbike ride home, I can't remember a night where I had so much fun!

I didn't manage to get much further than the stairs in the Borderline to watch the band as the place was well and truly sold out, packed to the rafters with a mass of heaving (and very tall) people, but with me clocking in at about five foot two, I've got to say it was the first time in years that I got a great vantage point to see this reunited bunch of Tamworth reprobates!.


Rocking out with a vengeance from the start, Wolfsbane kicked off in typically howling mad shithead style with 'Limo' and the full force metal mosher 'Black Lagoon'. Stomping on with great gusto through 'Killing Machine' and 'Money to Burn', the chants of "you fat bastard" led to a very amusing bit of banter with Blaze Bayley threatening to ruin every man's chance with their women that night by revealing his body, with the inevitable 'Totally Nude' following!


Bayley simply overflows with charisma onstage now, the total showman combining his fabulous Metal vocals with a wicked sense of humour and with all the original boys back together and having a complete blast, it's seriously infectious.

Mind you, some of the fun does rather emanate from drummer and madman Steve Danger whose ridiculously loud and shiny shirt was very close to stealing the show, and with a gig as good as this that's really saying something. That shirt alone should win awards wherever it goes!


Next up comes 'I Did It For The Money', a groovy, riff ridden beast from the new EP and gets everyone in the crowd bouncing and singing along, then all hell breaks loose with the fist pumping steamroller 'Loco', Jase 'the ace' Edwards and Jeff Hateley throwing out some storming guitars and bass.

On we stomp until we get to 'GSB', one of their earliest tracks from the first demo and a track which Bayley declares is, unlike fine wines that improve with age, more like a really strong cheese! Everyone's now grinning like loons and we blast through the classic 'I Like It Hot', the screams of 'I Want The Hardcore' with 'Temple Of Rock' to the unforgettable, full on metal monster 'Manhunt'.

After a very brief pause, they bounce back onstage to much cheering and applause and encore with the blistering 'Steel', 'Ezy', 'Black Machine', 'Dead At Last' and finish in a complete storm with everyone in full voice to 'Paint the Town Red'.

Fun, fierce and fabulously Metal, these much missed boys have been away for far too long but finally are back, playing better than ever and by the looks of both the band and the crowd's hugely enthusiastic reaction, are here to stay.

They came, they played, kicked ass and conquered. Absolutely brilliant!


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