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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
3rd April 2011

generation graveyard

Generation Graveyard EP:
Poison City
All Hail The Plague
Murder Rock N Roll

Generation Graveyard are a fierce and feisty metal punk fivesome from Camden and if you haven't heard much about them yet, be assured you soon will.

Already causing waves on the gig circuit with their storming and brutal live shows, this eponymously titled three track EP gives us an all too short taster of the bitter sweet musical tastes and influences from Max, Spider, Phil, Pete and Jonny, sharp, vicious and blisteringly intense.

They kick in with high voltage punk rock riffs and pounding drums on 'Poison City' a bleak and vitriolic portrayal of the capital city with vocalist Max spitting and screaming venom in equal amounts, then 'All Hail The Plague' batters us relentlessly with a barrage of pent up rage, rasping vocals and wailing guitars. 'Murder (Rock n Roll' is a crushing, hardcore track of high speed blitz tempered with a dark, slowly seething undercurrent, a suitable finale for this fine band.

Explosive, passionate and savagely cynical, Generation Graveyard have taken their festering hatred of flippant, vacant and meaningless rock and roll pouting and posturing, beaten it to pulp and brought it kicking and screaming back to life in their hard as nails, vicious punk rock.

A great EP but to see them at their best make sure you catch them live, they're quite something in full unfettered flow. Cracking stuff, and definitely a band to watch out for this year.

generation graveyard

Created from a hunger and a thirst for something lacking in a scene overindulged on rock star attitudes and corporate trends. Generation Graveyard veer wildly from crushing hardcore to blasting black metal all spewed forth with 'Dead boys' inspired punk rock venom. Creating their own hybrid of dark heavy rock and roll. Citing bands such as Darkthrone, Amen, Killing Joke and Ministry under their influences.

Their songs modus operandi is celebrating the decay of the urban wasteland and revelling in the Sodom like cities we now inhabit, lyrics focusing on the darker side of human nature such as addiction, crime and the true rock and roll underground.

Gaining notoriety with their explosive violent live shows around the UK, Graveyard are flying the flag for rock and roll how it's meant to be. Wreckless, dark, inspiring and true. With this in mind Generation Graveyard are proving to be the flagship for the new death punk revolution.


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