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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
23rd March 2011

atomic bitchwax

Rocking name for starters. Atomic Bitchwax is a New Jersey three piece featuring Chris Kosnik (Godspeed), Finn Ryland (Core) and Bob Bantella (Raging Slab, Monster Magnet) that has been evolving and refining its unique brand of stoner/psychedelic rock for 15 years and if you think that by now they should be bloody good at it, they most certainly are!

Three albums and two EPs down the line, this time they have shown total irreverence, stuck a bit fat middle finger in the air to all and sundry and done exactly what they wanted, which is the whole ethos of this band, by releasing this stunning 40 minute single track instrumental album 'The Local Fuzz'.

To be honest, I was initially uncertain as to whether I could be arsed to listen to an album sized single with no breaks and no vocals as I'm not the most patient person but damn me, this track grabs you from the first notes, bites down hard and simply refuses to let go.

'The Local Fuzz' is a whirling, twisting melee of psychedelic rock, relentless drums and blistering riffs sparodically intertwined with swirls of blues and some wonderfully emotive drifting Pink Floyd-esque guitar harmonies.

At times frantic, at others soothing, a sweet mellow buzz then a switchback to some seriously pulsating rock and roll. Apparently this track has over 50 riffs back to back, but if you're looking to break the whole into parts then you're missing the point of this blistering aural assault.

The most unexpected thing about this track is that it never loses its flow or groove throughout the entire 40 minutes, never slips into the feel of being merely a self obsessed jam session, just silkily switches through mood and tempo changes with sublime ease.

Instead of losing interest, the rich sound, skin tight playing and multi faceted melodies suck you in completely with the sheer length of the track becoming totally irrelevant.

Relentless and utterly irresistible, this is just an astounding piece of work from Atomic Bitchwax and I defy anyone to say that it left them without a raised pulse and massive smile on their face.

An explosion of wild psychedelic rock and roll brilliance. Awesome.


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