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Judith Fisher
judith fisher
17th March 2011

Von Hertzen Brothers: 'Angel Eyes' Single

michael monroe

The two singles that have landed on my desk couldn't be more different, one like a large JD the other more a Dark Mojito, complete opposites but rather fine in their own inimitable way!

The first is 'Angel Eyes' by the Von Hertzen Brothers, a fascinating mix of 70's rock, electronica and prog all whirled together then overlaid with some serious guitars and soaring harmonies.

Angel Eyes refuses to be pinned down to any single musical genre. The infusion of styles and numerous influences from these three Finnish brothers provide a haunting and unique melee of sound, lavish and rich in depth, a truly unusual take on rock music.

This is a delightful little taster from the Von Hertzen brothers guaranteed to leave you wanting to hear more and with a performance coming up at the High Voltage festival this summer, they are definitely one to watch out for.

Michael Monroe: '78' single

michael monroe

Now, if the previous single was the Mojito, then this is the large JD, straight up, hold the ice!

'78' is a pure blast of full on, foot stomping rock 'n' roll from ex-Hanoi Rocks vocalist and wildman, Michael Monroe. Taken from the cracking new album 'Sensory Overdrive' which is released in March and reviewed here, this track is every bit as good as you can expect from the new band featuring some serious luminaries from the rock 'n' roll halls of fame - Ginger (Wildhearts), Sammi Yaffa (Hanoi, New York Dolls, Joan Jett) Steve Conte (New York Dolls, Willy Deville) Karl 'Rockfist' Rosqvist (Chelsea Smiles, Danzig), and should always be played LOUD!

Stuffed full of monster riffs, thumping beats and belting vocals, this grabs some old school rock 'n' roll by the scruff of the neck, gives it a good kicking and shoves it straight in your face. No messing.

'78' is a wicked kick start to the UK tour in April and prepare yourself for some serious high jinks. With a crew like that together it's going to be lively, and I for one can't wait!

Ballsy rock at its finest.


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