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4th April 2011

hunny claire moat

I was beginning to think that fate didn't want me to talk to Pontus Engborg. Eventually after some higher being intervened Pontus had a phone that worked and the airwaves allowed us to speak.

I first saw Pontus in May 2011 when he was beating the drums in a manic style, piloting the drum seat for the legend that is Glenn Hughes.

He was a dervish and I remind him of his turbulence during 'Burn'.

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"Oh yeah", he says. "I always need to take a shower when I come off stage – I'm always soaked."

I envisage a shaggy sheep dog bounding around shaking droplets of water everywhere. And yes I will see the doctor – again!

Pontus is incredibly talented and I tell him this. I tell him he reminds me of a modern day Cozy Powell and to this he responds with a "thank you." He seems genuinely pleased with my comment.

I ask him since he is so full of magic, does he wear stripey socks? He laughs and answers "no, but I can buy some..."

Clearly then the magic is in the sticks – I must of course investigate this new hypothesis.

pontus engborg

Pontus plays a Tama kit and I ask him about his cymbals.

"Paiste cymbals" he enthuses. It sounds like 'pasty' and I have visions of Pontus hitting a pasty and meat and potato showering the stage. This is not a sensible image and again I make a mental note in the murky depths to see a doctor.

In reality: "Paiste cymbals are crisp, loud and clear and I love them." Pontus explains.

I ask Pontus about female drummers and he ponders... "It's hard to say", he muses. "Can't name one or five", he says. "Sheila E and Hilary Jones." He then adds; "Sheila E is cool." If my maths is correct that's two!

I ask him about his joining up with Glenn Hughes:

"He called me up and asked me if I wanted to join and I did! My first gig was Serbia with no sound check and I'm like 'oh no, we can't rehearse and so I play in front of 21,000 people – crazy."

A lesser mortal I do believe would have dissolved. Pontus rose to the challenge like the demi god he is and proved what a force he is to be reckoned with.

I ask him what he drinks on stage? "Water", he states. Of course water makes lions strong!

Pontus is a deep kind of guy and I'm not surprised when he tells me; "I prefer to play drums than watch TV."

He has missed a lot of TV since he has played drums since he was seven!! He's currently reading 'Greatness Guide' by Robin S Sharma. A pointless exercise for him methinks, but I will ask him for a loan of the book when he's done with it – I need all the help I can get!!

On a lighter note, Pontus says; "My fave film is Spinal Tap. After all, I am a musician." I laugh at the irony of the film, and his jovial tone.

glenn hughes band

Pontus has plans after Glenn Hughes and I look forward with great glee to him working with Marco Mendoza. This is going to be interesting.

Pontus tells me about the great time he has had on the Glenn Hughes tour and sums it up with; "Right now I'm working with my band Confusion and a great funk artist, Paulo Mendonca. I'm also in touch with my friend Marco for further shows with him."

So that's where he disappears to when Glen is out with BCC.

Pontus says; "Glenn Hughes' band will come back to the UK. We love the UK and our fans there. Thank you so much for your support. We love you!"

Enough said – Pontus rocks and the world needs to get ready for him – he's ready for us mere mortals.


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