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3rd January 2011

hunny claire moat

Team Jacob or Team Edward??? I ask Mr Edwards...

"I'll ask my daughter," says a flustered Mr Ed. "Erm, it's Team Jacob" he confirms and I have to laugh.

I clutch my garlic wreath a little closer and make sure my Holy Water is intact. I'm a little paranoid since my Interview with The Vampire: Armand. My occupational basket weaving now incorporates occupational stake making, not to be confused with cake making.

Mr E does however, to his credit, wear stripey socks. "And stripey pants," he adds. The harmonious connection of socks and pants seems to help the lovely Mr Edwards with his skin beating.

"I don't wear them all the time," he interjects. "Too much of a good thing and all that." To quote Tesco the Grocer, "every little helps".

Article continues below...

Clive has an illustrious resume. From Screaming Lord Sutch, Pat Travers to UFO and more recently Bronz and DWE. He has had so many musical journeys they invented a sat nav just for him! I vaguely recall he did work for Sally Oldfield, but the bells, the bells aren't ringing so clearly in my head about that... sister of Mike or something, but I digress...

I ask Clive about his influences: "John Bonham, Jeff Porcaro and Tony Williams" he states. I'm not surprised when he tells me his favourite song is 'The song Remains The Same', the Led Zep classic.

The song does remain the same for Clive though. His work with DWE is uncomplicated rock with that listenability factor... rare these days in the Thrash and Trash that passes as music!

Clive talks about drummers in general and as usual I ask him about female drummers. Mr Edwards is cautious. "Recognition where talents due", he says carefully.

Bronz, 2010; Shaun Kirkpatrick, Ian Baker, Clive Edwards, Michael 'O' Donoghue

We have a conversation about talent. Clive doesn't budge, he doesn't slip into sexism mode and his song does remain the same on this on! We seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Clive is best known for his duration with UFO and Electric Sun. An accolade of success and praise has been heaped on him from a young age - he has every right to claim the title of rock star.

Instead, Clive can often be found in 'deepest darkest Surrey', as he calls it, in his Toyota 4x4 having a blast, or chilling watching his fave movie 'Lord of the Rings'.

I do however think that Clive's new DVD experiences may involve Twilight New Moon and Eclipse. It should be no problem to educate him - after all he was once in UFO...

Me.... its Team Edward(s) all the way.... T shirt, i'll wear it! Now, where'd I put that silver cross...???


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