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11th October 2010

hunny claire moat

Greetings, I'm Claire, an ex music journalist who has been dug up from the grave after reacquainting myself with the lovely Steve! I'm married to Heavy Pettin' drummer and Mothers' Ruin singer Gary Moat.

I vowed to be a journalist having had my ears severely assaulted by Ian Gillan's 'Unchain your Brain' epic in my father's car outside the Blackpool hypermarket many, many moons ago. I never really recovered from the onslaught and years later took my proud father to see Deep Purple at Knebworth and later on Gillan in London.

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I have been in therapy on and off for years now and have had been on many occupational basket weaving courses to erase the sight of my parent shouting 'long live Deep Purple' from a tree.

Next week, I'll be talking to Franklin Vanderbilt about his musical influences and his stint as Lenny Kravitz's drummer.

I was asked today about my musical influences. As a journalist, I'm not used to being asked questions and some serious thinking ensued. To be fair, I have never really considered my influences. However it did set me off at a tangent...

A musician friend of mine has just had a baby girl: Doro. Named after a German vocalist of the female persuasion with atomisers for lungs, said child endures her father's guitar playing and is in general a happy wee soul. In contrast another friend's baby, Rose, is put to bed at 7.00pm and all communication and activity ceases. No telephone calls, no washing machine, no TV and no hoovering. And certainly NO HEAVY METAL.

My own brood were expected to sleep in a hive of activity, tv, cd player, drums, guitars, hoovers: a real cacophony.

According to my father, I would only sleep if he played rhythm and blues. My own daughter would only sleep if I played her Cinderella. Not the Aisney CD but Tom Keiffer's band of hairspray ad rejects and purveyors of new American rock allegedly!

So in answer to the simple question 'who are your influences?' I can conclude that R&B puts me to sleep as effectively as a tranquiliser dart. I managed to sleep through a whole Fabulous Thunderbirds set, much to the amusement and then shame of my husband!

I do however like rock music in general. My siblings listen to anything, even bands that strike me as atonal. My daughter would clearly sleep through a Cinderella set, but steal their clothes and hairspray. Baby Doro will clearly be a cheerful banshee of a vocalist and will rock the world. Rose however will listen to 'The Sound of Silence' and be in bed by seven.



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