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'The Lord Of Steel'
(Magic Circle Records)

steve goldby

manowar the lord of steel

Once upon a time he wanted to be The Defender. Then, after a yearning to be a Warrior wearing a Glove Of Metal, he decided his vocation was to become a God Of War. Now, after hearing this masterpiece, he just wants to be a Lord Of Steel.

This could be the greatest Heavy Metal album of all time.

Manowar's eleventh studio album was supposed to the second part of the 'Gods Of War' trilogy but that is still to come. Instead we get an exposive beast of an album that basically kicks your ass until it's Kingdom Coming. There are no long spoken parts, ala

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Bass buzz. The Lord Of Steel "Live one day as an eagle, Or a lifetime as a fly, Like a candle burning, The wheels of time are turning" Manowarriors "In Heavy Metal we believe, If you don't like it time to leave" Born In A Grave "Forgive me father, yes I have sinned, I will never be holy, I will never be saved..." Righteous Grave "On hooves of thunder, Her white horse parts the sky" Touch The Sky "Speak your mind, put me down, Say your prayers when I'm around" Black List "Keep on fighting for the things I believe, See the writings on the wall" Expandable "No we may not return, But many will burn, With a story to tell, How we took them to hell" El Gringo "Don't look for me in Heaven, Don't look for me in Hell, Never taking me alive, I've got no soul to sell" Annihilation "Live the life we truly feel, Fighting for the Lord Of Steel, Heavy Metal is my life, Heavy Metal will never die" Hail, Kill And Die "By the Hammer Of Thor, A Holy War, For The Crown And The Ring"


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