Winds Of Plague Spill The Blood Of My Enemy With Their Crushing New Full Length
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jools green
23rd October 2017
Jools Green

winds of plague

Californian Symphonic Deathcore outfit Winds of Plague are ready to drop their fifth full length, ‘Blood of My Enemy’ and it is a crushingly powerful album.

In most cases if you mention Deathcore to me you won’t get much of a response, but add the word symphonic in front and it’s a whole different ball game, you have my attention for at least one listen. ‘Blood Of My Enemy’ commands more than one listen, it’s a whole different beast entirely.

The symphonic edge from the keyboards add so much to the mix, making an interesting contrast against the break downs and the technical edged riffing, enhancing the sound without softening the brutal edge.

This turns it from what would be an ordinary modern Metal album into an interesting and compelling symphonic-edged modern Metal offering. The lyrics are emotive and challenging and delivered superbly thanks to a combination of backing vocal chants delivered in a rousing and anthemic manner and lead vocals unleashed as a rasping angry snarl but with clarity and determination.

This adds a huge impact, particularly the lyrics of ‘Nameless Walker‘ with its rousing repeat of “Give me something to live, for to die for, I am fading away. Give me something to live, for to die for, I’ll be dead in a day.” The rest of the lyrics here will raise the hair on the back of your neck and bring a lump to your throat, its damn powerful stuff.

There is also the occasional wave of female operatics that pop up here and there, but they are subtly applied and not overdone, adding to the overall sound.

There’s a nicely balanced technical edge to the riffs that is quite bouncy at times particularly on ‘From Failure, Comes Clarity’ and you don’t get breakdown after breakdown either, there are a decent few bursts of lead work, again in particular on ‘Nameless Walker’.

Title track ‘Blood of My Enemy’ has a slightly different accent to its sound showing that Winds of Plague aren’t afraid to mix it up, adding a folky edge with the addition of some haunting banjo and female cleans that are rather good.

I’m not usually much of a fan of this but I like the slight raw edge to their delivery and that mystical haunting banjo makes a return on the opener of final track ‘Dark Waters’.

Favourite tracks? Well the whole album makes a compelling listen but the previously mentioned ‘Nameless Walker’, ‘From Failure, Comes Clarity’ and ‘Blood of My Enemy’ had that slight edge for me but it’s a close call.

Track list:
A New Day
Nameless Walker
Kings of Carnage
Soul Eater
From Failure, Comes Clarity
Blood of My Enemy
Never Alone
Either Way You Lose
A Walk Among the Dead
Dark Waters

Pre-orders are being taken now, for release date 27th October 2017.




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