V Return After Nearly A Decade With Debut Full Length 'Pathogenisis'
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jools green
9th November 2017
Jools Green


It's been nearly a decade since the release of the three-track EP 'VI' from Swedish sludgy Doom Metal quartet V , who feature current and former members of Katatonia, In Mourning, Oak and Afgrund.

They are back with their first full-length 'Pathogenisis' and it's been well worth the wait.

Time has brought about a lot of changes, at their inception the band's original personnel (two of whom had formed the Hardcore band Amend in 1994) were amalgamating a blend of Hardcore, Death, and Thrash Metal.

On returning from their hiatus their sound has developed into a heavier Doom-laden one and their lyrical influence has shifted from ideas around a better life with a socio-political agenda into visions of a nihilistic future with constant struggles for survival. I guess age makes us all more cynical.

Cynicism works well especially in a Doom-rich sound and 'Pathogenisis' is six tracks spanning forty-two minutes of dark, doomy, sludgy goodness. It's an easy but very reflective listen with a maturity to its construct and delivery.


Another aspect that strikes you about the album is the sheer beauty to this bleak and melancholic release. It really is a very moving offering, a rasping tortuous vocal delivery that still has definition, hypnotically sludgy riffing interspersed with beautiful reflective clean guitar passages as on the title track.

Final track 'The Order' has a lovely retro feel to the lead work as it courses over the hypnotically sludgy rhythms but the track which impacted the most was the opener, 'Souls Of The Nearly Departed'.

Its reflective, melancholic repeat riffing interspersed with an abundance of those clean passages I mentioned, contrasts against hugely emotive rasping vocals, setting you in the right mind set for the rest of the album.

1. Souls Of The Nearly Departed
2. At The End Of Your Time
3. Pathogenisis
4. Perfect Predator Pattern
5. Suspended Animation
6. The Order

'Pathogenisis' is out on Suicide Records and should appeal to fans of Novembers Doom, Swallow The Sun and Ghost Brigade or anyone with an interest in bleak sludgy Doom.




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