Through The Eyes Of The Dead Get Brutal Once Again With 'Disomus'
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jools green
19th October 2017
Jools Green


Considered by many to be one of the groups that pioneered the Modern Aggressive Technical Death Metal sound, East Coast brutalists Through The Eyes of the Dead are hitting back once again with their latest crushing slab 'Disomus', follow up to 2010's' Skepsis'.

It's clear from the offset they mean business in the shape of ten crushing tracks that tackle some pretty challenging and fascinating subject matter as inspiration for the release.

The album title 'Disomus' is a medical term for an abnormal foetus with two bodies but one head, and is depicted very creatively in the album artwork. The content is as brutal as the sound. There are tracks that cover the harrowing tale of a man buried alive by a cult on 'Obitual', and 'Haruspex, a dark magician's creation of a malignant entity via sacrificial killing.

Underworld spirits are doomed to roam the earth in 'Dismal'; there's a track about the Styx River of Greek mythology, 'Vortices in the Stygian Maelstrom', while the themes of the Alien/Prometheus film franchise appear on 'Teras', which means monstrosity.

'Till Solace, She'll Haunt' deals with the real life tragedy and horror discovered by Rodriguez, a Chicago police officer, when called upon to check on the well-being of an elderly person who lived alone.

Sound wise, as I have already mentioned, it's a brutal affair, technically edged but without being too fussy. The album flows well, the mood often dark to fit the lyrics and the pace is mid to fast, garnished with guitar squeals and breakdowns, without being overloaded with them.

Adding to the sound this album sees appearances from two previous vocalists; Nate Johnson and original vocalist Anthony Gunnells alongside their newest vocalist Danny Rodriguez (who initially featured on the previous album), so vocals are very varied and well catered for.

Standout moments for me include the opening track 'Hate The Living' , which immediately grabs your attention with its frantic pace, spiralling riffs, well intonated and layered vocal delivery and stunning midpoint lead work.

There is a continued abundance of lead work across the album rather than just ramming the release full of breakdowns as some bands might. Some of the best are; the haunting lead swathe which breaks into a full-blown solo midway through on 'The Binding Nightmare Hex', at the close of 'Vortices In The Stygian Malestrom' and also mid-way through 'Teras'.

It's not what you'd necessarily expect from an album this brutal or modern and it's not all bluster either with a well placed, palate cleansing two minute clean guitar interlude in the shape of 'Ignis' which sharpens the focus on the brutal aspect when it returns.

Track listing:
Hate The Living
Of Mortals, We Once Were
The Binding Nightmare Hex
Vortices In The Stygian Malestrom
Till Solace, She'll Haunt

'Disomus' will be available from SPV / Longbranch Records.




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