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jools green
4th April 2018
Jools Green

stark denial

Four years ago, 'War' the debut EP from Mumbai's Stark Denial was one of the first albums from the Indian Metal scene to cross my path.

It made a lingering positive impression and now the Black Metal quartet have returned with their debut full length 'Covenant of Black' and it's even more impressive than the predecessor.

Where Stark Denial have upped their game this time around is in the focus of the sound.

There was not such a strong directional emphasis to the sound in 'War' as they were still discovering themselves, but 'Covenant of Black' is a very concise old school Black Metal sound.

This falls somewhat in the vein of Destroyer 666, Gorgoroth, early Mayhem, Immortal and Nargaroth, but with an overall character that is completely owned by Stark Denial - they clearly know now exactly how they want to shape the band.

Covenant of Black is eight well structured tracks, including a bonus track, 'Hyllest til kulten' which was originally released as a single in May 2014.

The album spans a generous forty-four minutes of unrelenting ferocity delivered in a catchy memorable manner, there's nothing you can fault here, from the rapid delivery of the blackened riffing, to the lead work that soars out from its midst.

All this is menacingly punctuated with some of the most vitriolic and acerbic blackened vocals that you could ever wish for and a good degree of clarity to the delivery.

The howling beast sound-bites that open 'Hyllest til kulten' and 'Blackened' will send shivers down your spine. Needless to say, I've no favourite tracks here at all; it's an excellent listen end to end.

stark denial

Stark Denial
As Life Descends
Dormant I Lie
Unknown World
Carnage Angel
Covenant of Black
Hyllest til kulten (bonus track)

'Covenant of Black' is a well delivered Black Metal offering that I hope brings a much deserved wider interest into the talents of Stark Denial and is out on Transcending Obscurity India as limited edition digipack or digital download.




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