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jools green
14th March 2018
Jools Green

revel in flesh

'Relics Of The Deathkult' is the latest offering from German Death Metallers Revel In Flesh, a compilation album that includes rare tracks originally released only on 7" EP format or as vinyl bonus tracks during the period between 2012 and 2017.

These tracks were predominantly written and recorded between the band's regular full-length albums and track the band's development from their crushing 2012 debut 'Deathevokation' up to their current material.

All are in their original quality with no re-mastering of the eight of the band's original tracks two really stood out for me.

The opener 'Bonecrusher' eerily opens and closes on the sound of dry bones being crushed and is delivered with a slow deliberate tempo, is dark and hauntingly bleak and utterly terror instilling.

The vocal intonation is superb, it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck and the haunting repeat melody and lead work gives you chills.

'Chant Of Misery' is a sublimely brutal track with haunting background chorals and melody, bleak dirty riffs delivered at a punchy pace with slick direction switching, and double layer vocals, growls and a higher more acerbic rasp, the sum of which makes a stunning listen.

revel in flesh

Alongside these original tracks are three covers; 'Pay To Die' from Master's 1990 self-titled release where they have captured perfectly that down-tuned grind quality of the original but added a more deathly edge in the vocal department.

Add to this a crushing rendition of Death's 'Mutilation' from the 'Back from the Dead' demo/'Scream Bloody Gore' and an impressively brutal rendition of 'Deny The Light' from Headhunter D.C. from 2012's '...In Unholy Mourning...', all of which do the originals proud.

1. Bonecrusher
2. Corpus Vermis
3. Chant Of Misery
4. Deathkult
5. Phlebotomy - Blood Dripping Healing
6. Nightrealm Ghouls - The Dead Will Walk The Earth
7. The Ending In Fire
8. Casket Ride
9. Pay To Die (Master – Cover)
10. 'Mutilation' (Death - Cover)
11. Deny The Light (Headhunter D.C. - Cover)

The artwork and layout for 'Relics Of The Deathkult' was created by the Revel In Flesh main artist Juanjo Castellano and mixing and mastering across all their albums has been carried out by Dan Swanö of UNISOUND Studios.

'Relics Of The Deathkult' is released via War Anthem Records time in CD format in a slipcase edition with 12 page booklet loaded with liner notes, rare photo material and info and distribution is via Soulfood (GER, AT, Benelux, Spain, Italy), Season Of Mist (France), Code7 (UK), Non Stop (CH).



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