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jools green
13th April 2018
Jools Green


Dublin's blackened Celtic Metal sons 'Primordial' continue to forge forward with their latest superb album, 'Exile Within The Ruins', another hour plus, eight track, fully immersive offering.

Once again, that broad heavy atmosphere you get from their live shows has been captured in the studio, as it did with predecessor 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen'.


Not surprisingly the band teamed up with producer Ola Ersfjord, who worked on their 2016 live album, 'Gods To The Godless'.

It's that winning combination of the powerful, deliberate and precise Celtic flavoured rhythms and A.A Nemtheanga's voice which manifests as initially a clean delivery but added to which is a brutally emotive fusion of anger, despair and passion with a stunningly impressive range.

It's that raw power combined with visceral emotion that makes their sound the brutally powerful and emotion filled beast that it is.

'Exile Within The Ruins' is a dark haunting album from the offset; mostly lengthy builders, coming in slow to mid-pace from the haunting opener 'Nail Their Tongues' to the ten and a half minute closing monster.

The dark reflective 'Last Call', with its predominantly slower pace with quiet reflective passages adding to the atmosphere, is lyrically and metaphorically brutal.

It's hard to pinpoint favourites, but 'To Hell Or The Hangman' and 'Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed' did leave me feeling gut punched such was their emotional clout.

'Stolen Years' is a beautifully understated track that is deceptively powerful, but the whole thing is magnificently dark, bleak and thought provoking.

Nail Their Tongues
To Hell or the Hangman
Where Lie the Gods
Exile Amongst the Ruins
Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed
Stolen Years
Sunken Lungs
Last Call

'Exile Within The Ruins' left me both exhilarated and emotionally exhausted, such is the power of its contents and is out now on Metal Blade Records.




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