Pink Mass Get Filthy With Their Latest Album 'Necrosexual'
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jools green
9th November 2017
Jools Green

pink mass

If you feel the need for something filthy and perverse in your life, from a musical perspective that is, then 'Necrosexual' the new album and follow up to last year's 'Slvt Kvlt', from New Jersey's filthy Blackened Crust/Grind five piece Pink Mass will fill that need.

It's a raw and heady mix of Grind and Crust with elements of Hardcore, old school Venom-style Black Metal and even a touch of Doom. It's chaotically but skilfully blended and recorded with a DIY Punk aesthetic to the sound. As insanely chaotic and manic as it is, it is also a superb listen, you can't fail to be swept up in the maelstrom that is 'Necrosexual'.

The lyrical delivery is an equally insane, rabid mix of yelps, growls and a myriad of other largely indecipherable vocalisations which still manage to sound rather good. They have a bizarre aesthetic to the overall atmosphere and delivery.

It's probably a good thing you can't grasp the full content, with titles like 'Bestial Sodomizers' which has an insanity to the manic riffing, an addictive groove to the slower bits and a fabulous gallop that accompanies the screams and growls.

It is one of my favourite tracks along with the somewhat more decipherable and catchy as hell 'Altar of Domination', although saying that the screams are enough information and I'm quite happy not to have in-depth knowledge of the lyrics all things considered.

One particular quoted chunk of lyrics I have been made privy to is "Christ impaled, On a phallus with nails, His holy blood poured into a skull chalice", which I must confess brought a wry smile to my face.

pink mass

They do describe themselves as militant, necrosexual, Satanic hedonists, so you'd expect no less, however they have standards and avoid out of principle the easy targets of female exploitation or dancing on the edge of the right wing, a fact which they make abundantly clear on 'FOAD NSBM'.

However, many other topics related to sodomy, BDSM and necrophilia are totally fair game and vocalist Tyrant Perversor attacks them with fervour and glee. Expanding on that further, according to the band, a 'Pink Mass' is allegedly a Satanic ritual performed after death that turns the deceased's heterosexual spirit into a homosexual one.

I think they could just be yanking our chains at this point... or are they... regardless, for me it's just enough to know it's a great album and a hugely entertaining one at that.

Track list:
1. Invocation Of The Necrosexual
2. Hedonist's Lament
3. Dismal Tormentor
4. Bestial Sodomizers
5. Crypt Perversor
6. Extinction Of The Breeders
7. Lair Of The Hedonist
8. Voreified
9. Altar Of Domination
10. Craving Asphyxiation
11. Excoriated Purity
13. Outro

This will be the most insane and entertaining album you'll hear in a while and what's even better is that they have steered away from the usual gore or socio-political observations many Grind-based bands go for.

Take heed of the Pink Mass motto, "Place Your Faith in Filth!", and go check it out. 'Necrosexual' is out now as a self release.




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