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jools green
12th January 2018
Jools Green


After the successful re-release of their 2016 full length 'Will o' Wisp' to a broader audience, last year, Swedish Blackened Thrashers 'Nekrokraft ' turn the clocks back even further with 'Witches Funeral'.

It's partly the re-release of tracks from their 2012 EP 'Witches Funeral (Reborn in Fire)', including 'The Void' and an intriguing cover of Slayers iconic 'Angel Of Death' a unique and well interpreted cover which showcases their thrashier side, and 'Return Of The Kvlt'.

Alongside these are seven more tracks which are from two demos including the extraordinary cover of Bathory's 'Satan My Master' which holds true to the original but with a little “Nekro-flair” added to the mix.

There's two previously unreleased tracks 'They Swim, They Must Hang' and 'Wrath of the Heavens' which were written in the same era as the demos, as a full length compilation release and a forerunner to their upcoming all new full length 'Servants' due out late spring of 2018.

Given the material here and on 'Will o' Wisp', I can't wait to see where that takes them.

These tracks, from three different recording sessions, show an interesting insight into the band's development, over a very narrow timescale, of their craft.

The raw and acerbic but very vital in its delivery, 'Burning Ov' and 'Cometh Arrives' both have that untamed and electric atmosphere of a live performance as does 'Upon A Throne'.

Then there's the superb crushingly black and vitriolic 'Witches Funeral' and 'The Void' where you experience the full range of Angst 's vocal capabilities which are impressively broad ranging; a heady mix of rasping, vitriolic tortuous and deranged screams and acerbic growls but with clarity to the lyrical content.

At the other end of the spectrum you have the more polished and defined 'Wrath Of The Heavens' and 'They Swim, They Must Hang' my particular favourite, it has an excellent balance of the harsh and the melodic, powerfully delivered and addictive in content but in all honesty the whole compilation is a damn good listen.

Track listing:
1. Burning Ov
2. Cometh Arrives
3. Satan My Master
4. Upon A Throne
5. Witches Funeral
6. The Void
7. Return Of The Kvlt
8. Angel Of Death
9. They Swim, They Must Hang
10. Wrath Of The Heavens

Vocalist Angst comments on these tracks "We often refer to these demos as the forgotten times of 'Nekrokraft', since we have a hard time remembering the recording session at all. We were wasted and gave in to our fleshly desires..."

I'm glad they finally remembered them; it certainly sound like they had fun recording and it would be a music crime for them to go forgotten and unheard.

Guaranteed to whet your palate in anticipation of the release of 'Servants' and available from The Sign Records from the 19 January. The band have just released a lyric video for new track 'Wrath of The Heavens' which can be viewed here:




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