Mork Rise From The Underground With Their Third Full Length 'Eremittens Dal'
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jools green
18th October 2017
Jools Green


Norwegian Black Metal outfit 'Mork' was created by Thomas Eriksen in 2004. Initially a side-project for him but right from the release of 'Isebakke', their 2013 debut album, they have been attracting a growing attention in Black Metal circles.

Receiving strong endorsements from Black Metal legends like Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto who said "Many have tried, many have failed. Mork nails it" and 1349's Seidemann who commented "I have seen the future of Black Metal, and its name is Mork. Halden Hellfire!"

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Their signing to Peaceville for this third release 'Eremittens Dal', an album which boasts guest appearances from two high profile Black Metal artists. Dimmu Borgir's Silenoz adds vocals on two tracks and 1349's Seidemann provides additional bass, putting them well and truly on the Black Metal map.

'Eremittens Dal' hails the spirit of old-school Norwegian Black Metal, but don't think for one moment it'll sound dated, it's fresh and vital, primarily inspired by the works of Darkthrone and Burzum.


There is a raw production, icy atmospheric riffing, with tempo and mood that switches seamlessly between the intense and ferocious and the melancholic and reflective.

Lyrically it encompasses the subjects of hate, death, seclusion and misanthropy, with a superbly expressive vocal delivery that is a varied range of snarls, rasps and gutturals. This adds buckets of drama and atmosphere as well as a mysticism given that the lyrics are in Norwegian, always a winning element for me in Black Metal.

The grim yet beautifully detailed pencil cover art is by Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, known for his artwork for early Burzum and Satyricon releases. All in all a superb album, no favourite track as each has its own winning merits.

'Eremittens Dal' will be released on Peaceville on CD, LP and digitally (with digital pre-orders receiving 'I Hornenes Bilde' as an instant download).

Track listing:
Hedningens spisse brodder
Holdere av fortet
Forsteinet i hat
Eremittens dal
I hornenes bilde
Et rike i nord
I enden av tauet
Mørkets alter




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