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jools green
11th April 2018
Jools Green

lord matzigkeitus

Lord Matzigkeitus is vocalist and lyricist for The Projectionist and Thy Sepulchural Moon, among others, and one of Black Metal's most prolific scribes.

He returns with his second volume of dark poetry, 'Chapel of Astaroth' following in the darkened footsteps of 2015's 'Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil' and it is another thought-provoking and challenging tome of exceptional pieces.

As before, it is an assemblage of works, used and as yet unused, including those from the two most recent releases from The Projectionist, 'The GallowForest Eulogy' and 'Exhaulted Solitude'.

Consisting of over 170 pages that also include an abundance of fascinating full-page black and white photographic illustrations, it's a good sized volume once again.

However, where this differs from its predecessor is that, always keen to push himself further and relay his material in as many ways as possible, 'Chapel of Astaroth' is accompanied by an eleven track CD 'Temporary'.

A spoken word album which consists of carefully selected pieces from the book set to music by Orphius, it is like no spoken word album you've ever encountered and a little different from his usual Black Metal releases.

Described by the label as “Featuring bleak passages of such utter despair that it's almost as if you're staring into the abyss itself”, a pretty accurate analogy, it's an unnerving and engaging listen that draws you in, at times in a terrifying manner.

You get the same range of vocalisations that Lord Matzigkeitus is known for on his “sung” albums but being spoken the clarity of content is greater, bringing these poems horrifically to life.

Favourite pieces? Firstly, everything on the spoken word album, as vivid as I can make any of the pieces in my own mind as I read, I can't compete with the sinister delivery of Lord Matzigkeitus, so much so, I can't stop listening.

Within the written, I was intrigued by 'Sovereign Sewers', which has made me think differently about a drainage system we take for granted and 'Zarathustra Within' from the album 'Exalted Solitude', which delivers so differently when silently read rather than listened to as an album track.

It seems unfair however to choose between an abundance of consistently great pieces.

'Temporary' Track listing:
Oncoming Lane
Invisible Perch Aloft
In Lithe Hours/At Halt
To Fall into such a Departing
There are in Cracks where Boulders Lay
What Cannot be Unseen
I cut my Ear/ How then Licked when Split
Underbreath Patronising/All Voices are Closed
When Dead Silence Knocked
Malevolent Collapse

An absolute Black Metal gem and essential requirement for aficionados who enjoy the dark side of the creative art, this first edition is limited to 100 copies, and is available now from Appalachian Noise Records.




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