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jools green
4th April 2018
Jools Green

johansson speckman

The legendary international duo, Paul Speckmann and Rogga Johansson are back with their fourth full length under the Johansson and Speckmann moniker.

Their earlier collaborations were 'No Haven For The Sane' on the first Megascavenger EP, 'Songs Of The Flesh Pt. 1' and the first 'Megascavenger' full length 'Descent Of Yuggoth' and although there was never a 'Songs Of The Flesh Part 2' the duo have more than made up for it as Johansson and Speckmann.

They are once more joined by the trusty stick work of drummer Brynjar Helgetun, who also took care of the mixing and mastering, and lead guitarist Kjetil Lynghaug.

Sound wise 'From The Mouth Of Madness' leans more towards a 'Master' sound, at least initially, than the three predecessors but with a rounder, heavier Rogga influenced mid tempo crush and groove to the construct.

johansson speckman

This is not surprising given that unmistakable and unique rasping vocals with their unnervingly clear delivery from Paul Speckmann, however from the mid-point onward the sound develops more of a Rogga influence.

This is particularly evident on 'Kill And Kill' and 'The Heathen Of The Night', but the overall result, for me irrespective, makes for a brutally enjoyable listen.

There are bound to be inevitably strong links to their other work as both main parties have a distinct and established sounds and you are either a fan or you are not, but if like me you are then you'll not be disappointed.

johansson speckman

Thanks to Kjetil there is an added bonus of a generous abundance of lead work bursting out and getting the blood pumping though your veins, especially on the sinister 'Is This Just Virtual?' 'Heal The Strain', 'The Heathen Of The Night' and 'Kill And Kill'.

As far as favourite tracks go, I'm not even going to attempt on a favourite; it's an album packed with excitement and each track has something different that grabbed my interest.

The Demons Night
Is This Just Virtual?
Remove The Creep
Why Fear
Heal The Strain
The Heathen Of The Night
The Fallen Angel
Kill And Kill

The artwork was created by Roberto Toderico. 'From The Mouth Of Madness' will be out on 'Soulseller Records' from 30th March in CD, LP, Digital formats and available via Soulfood (Germany/AUT/SWI/World), Code 7 via Plastic Head: (UK + World), Season of Mist (France).

If you are a fan of that old school death Master/Paganizer sound you won't be disappointed with 'From The Mouth Of Madness' in the slightest.




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