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jools green
5th July 2017
Jools Green

heathen beast

After their last EP, the contentious three track 'Rise Of The Saffron Empire', the now Blackened Grindcore trio Heathen Beast, India's most controversial band, had called it a day amidst threats to their wellbeing... however they feel things need to be said so they've decided to re-emerge at great risk to themselves to release their latest full length, '$cam'.

Still continuing to speak up against the unfair practices of the government, genre wise they've take a direction change, with the sound now leaning strongly towards Grindcore but still with a subtle blackened edge which reflects their Black Metal roots and the result is now more powerful than ever.

But there is still a slight trace of traditional Indian sound lurking in the background of a few of the tracks.

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'$cam' is, amongst other linked subjects, "about the horrifying overnight discontinuation of 90% of the currency notes in circulation around the country, thus effectively bringing the activities, especially of the poor people who don't even have bank accounts, to a grinding halt."

And '$cam' is "an undiluted and venomous take on this whole biased decision that is apparently favouring the rich but leaving the poor people in deep trouble, for better or worse, this unprecedented demonetization move by the government in power which has sparked a massive outrage."

Soundwise it's still unmistakably Heathen Beast but with the decision to drop the traditional Indian music elements in favour of Grind means it's a sharper sound, which although the serious nature of the content remains as high, feels decidedly more urgent and compelling with the now harder, more brutal edge overall.

There's no mistaking they mean business and as the sound is also a more standard Metal one it should also have greater global appeal and there has also been the careful use of relevant soundbites opening several of the tracks, often from the affected people, which helps to paint the bigger, uglier picture they aim to portray.

Surgical Strike
It's Only A Minor Inconvenience
F*ck Poor People, I Have Paytm
Reliance Is The Secret Of My Energy, Jio Mere Lal!
If The Army Can Do It, So Can You
Bailing Out The Banks
If You Disagree You Are Anti-National, Go To Pakistan
My Note Has GPS
Chutiya Banaya Bada Maza Aaya

Favourite tracks, 'If The Army Can Do It, So Can You' and 'Bailing Out The Banks', are both exceptionally punchy and catchy and powerful in their content and delivery.

'$cam' is out now on Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label) and is an intense listen.




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