Fragarak Create A Spectral Oblivion With Their Ambitious Sophomore Release
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jools green
31st October 2017
Jools Green


Fragarak, the Experimental Death Metal quartet from India have definitely challenged their capabilities with their follow-up full length 'A Spectral Oblivion'.

For a start at eighty four minutes long it's epic in its proportions and double the length of excellent predecessor 'Crypts of Dissimilation'. I loved 'Crypts of Dissimilation'; its foundation was grounded in classic Death Metal but with a progressive and very adventurous edge yet still maintaining that crushing Death Metal feel.

This time around they have maintained that style but developed that experimental edge further, loosened things up a bit as well as adding their own unique mystical aura to the sound which expands beyond their geographical background.

Naturally given the time span of this album there are some ambitiously long tracks, with 'In Rumination II – Reflections', 'The Phaneron Eclipsed', 'Spectre - An Oblivion Awakens' and 'Of Ends Ethereal' all clocking up well in excess of ten minutes.

But where this extra timing has been employed is expanding on the more melodic swathes that grace this album, they have managed to enhance the sound, making it atmospheric and suspenseful and the overall result is an even more progressive offering.

As well as delivering complex and technically excellent riffing the guitarists, Ruben and Arpit's ability to switch direction and tempo in a heartbeat is impressive, particularly on 'Fathoms of Delirium' where the lead work is also sublime.

There are also clean passages of acoustic guitar on this release. The guitar work has been further enhanced with guest lead guitar appearances from Vishal J. Singh of Amogh Symphony on 'Fathoms of Delirium', Pavithra Chari of Shadow and Light on, 'Ālūcinārī IV – The Fall' and by Disha on 'Ālūcinārī II' and'III'.

The man behind the lyrical content, Supratim Sen's vocals are once again superb in his range, inflection, style and power of delivery. On this release he has pushed further both his writing skills and his capabilities as a Death Metal vocalist.


One other change since the last album is for this release at least, the drum work has been provided by Australian drumming legend Louis Rando of Impiety, The Furor, and others so you can expect a skilled delivery in that department also.

There are a lot more harmonies and backing vocals to reflect the greater ebb and flow of pace, and on the whole they are pretty good particularly on 'Ālūcinārī II – Revelations' and 'Spectre - An Oblivion Awakens' which both have some great chorals which are Middle Eastern in flavour.

Additional vocals have also been provided on 'In Rumination II – Reflections' and 'Specter – An Oblivion Awakens' by Akshay Fotedar with all choir arrangements by guitarist Ruben.

As Death Metal releases go this is a pretty unique offering, as well as ambitious from a band not afraid to try something adventurous, challenge their capabilities and push their boundaries.


Track listing:
In Rumination I - The Void
In Rumination II – Reflections
The Phaneron Eclipsed
Ālūcinārī I – Transcendence
Fathoms of Delirium
Ālūcinārī II – Revelations
Spectre - An Oblivion Awakens
Ālūcinārī III - A Reverie
This Chastising Masquerade
Of Ends Ethereal
Ālūcinārī IV - The Fall

'A Spectral Oblivion' will be available from Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label) and you can check out 'Of Ends Ethereal' right here:.


Louis Rando - Drums
Supratim Sen - Vocals
Kartikeya Sinha - Bass, Clean Vocals
Arpit Pradhan - Guitars, Clean Vocals
Ruben Franklin - Guitars



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