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jools green
Jools Green
4th March 2017


British post sludge progressive Metal outfit Conjurer have been making waves since the release of their 2016 EP, 'I', and now with their latest offering, their debut full length 'Mire', they are set to grab a lot more attention.

Fronted by the dual vocals and guitars of Dan Nightingale and Brady Deeprose, one of the winning elements to their sound, and there are many, whose screams and growls complement each other perfectly and add a lot of depth and dimension to an already massively multi layered sound that is best described as the sludgy quality of Mastodon and that heavy punchy edge of Gojira delivered in a fresh modern package that is both brutal and dynamic with a crisp technicality and a progressive flair that adds a very unique feel.

The guitar and drum work is precise and purposeful as is the composition of these seven well varied tracks.

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Although 'Mire' is just seven tracks it encompasses forty-three minutes with most tracks passing the six minute mark. Opening with 'Choke' which has an impressive slow, heavy build that, when it reaches its zenith it explodes into a brutal technical wall of intricate sound, dropping away dynamically. Less is definitely more here.

'Hollow' is a doomy, sludgy and hypnotic piece, particularly in its quieter more reflective moments, made haunting with some very distant quiet vocals that rasp though unnervingly, with complementary haunting lead work midway through.

'Thankless' is an extreme Metal gem, a full tilt, crushing offering with haunting reflective elements that add an emotive edge, a small amount of haunting cleans that lift the track up and a couple of slower contemplative moments that allow you to gather your thoughts while 'Retch' starts as a technical gallop before plunging into an abyss of sludgy doom. It might slow down midway but the brutality remains throughout.


'The Mire' has a blackened haunting quality to its construct and a superbly manic close. 'Of Flesh Weaker Than Ash' is hauntingly reflective until the vocals tear through, but maintaining a slower tempo with sludgy, groovy bouncy feel that is just sublime, my favourite of the release.

The closing piece, the eight minute monster 'Hadal', really takes things to the sludgy doomy depths. It is subtly brutal and emotively powerful, with the intensity rising and falling in waves that gradually gather more power without gaining pace; a superb closer.

'Mire' is an all encompassing, fascinating and exhilarating chunk of extreme Metal with a refreshing modern edge and is available from Holy Roar Records from 9th March.



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