The Latest Offering From Cannibal Corpse Will Leave You Seeing Red Before Black
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jools green
30th October 2017
Jools Green

cannibal corpse

Next year will be the thirtieth year for Death Metal veterans Cannibal Corpse and this year sees them returning with their fourteenth full length 'Red Before Black'.

There's no sign of the quintet slowing up anytime soon, if anything this latest slab of brutality is their most aggressive and raw offering so far.

But it's not all about the aggression; you can hear Cannibal Corpse have put a huge amount of effort into this release. I've been increasingly impressed with their last four albums, for me they started to really up their game from 2006's 'Kill' and are continuing to do so with 'Red Before Black'.

Despite it being a brutal and aggressively raw offering, it's also very precise, you can hear the time, thought and care that has gone into this album.

Another great factor about 'Red Before Black' is that it's hugely listenable, brutal yet ear friendly. It has a catchy edge to the riffing, the swathes of drum work that burst through the guitars are exhilarating.

George's rasping delivery is powerful, concise and clearly delivered in terms of lyrical content. There's no missing any of the gory details, completed with superb swathes of lead work and solos in every track.

Since 'Kill', Cannibal Corpse have used producer Erik Rutan and have continued to do so with this release. He certainly seems to understand them and their aims.

Another constant is the artwork, again by Vince Locke. He's always done a great job since their inception, grasping the gory thoughts and ideas behind the music and making it a piece that speaks for itself. For a change this time around the viewer has the victim's perspective, just to shake it up a bit.

Favourite tracks are a difficult choice but 'Shedding My Human Skin' has a great little addictive groove, switches tempo in a heartbeat and has some of the best lead work.

'Remaimed' has such crushingly heavy chunks of guitar work, just listening gives you that queasy punched in the stomach feel then the lead work just lifts you and Georges roar of "Remaimed!!!" echoes in your ears. 'Scavenger Consuming Death' is another crushing beauty too.

cannibal corpse

Track listing:
Only One Will Die
Red Before Black
Code of the Slashers
Shedding My Human Skin
Firestorm Vengeance
Heads Shovelled Off
Corpus Delicti
Scavenger Consuming Death
In the Midst of Ruin
Destroyed Without a Trace
Hideous Ichor

To get a feel of how the band feel about this release Alex Webster commented "We just tried to write the best songs we could, and this is how they turned out."

But he also said he likes to think they have yet to write their best record, and Paul Mazurkiewicz outlines their goals: "I would say we just want to keep it going, try to better ourselves .... and finally open for Slayer!"

A fine ambition indeed! 'Red Before Black' is available from Metal Blade Records from the 3rd Nov.




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