Akercocke Deliver A Renaissance In Extremis To The Underworld, Camden
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jools green
2nd November 2017
Jools Green


The Underworld, Camden saw the penultimate night of the The Inner Sanctum tour for the masters of UK Blackened Death Metal Akercocke, with special guests Hecate Enthrone.

For this leg of the tour, the opening act was Heavy Metal quartet Kill for Company and this event saw vocalist Tom Hennesey's last performance with them. They delivered an energetic set that included 'Isolation' and 'One For My Enemies' to a crowd smaller than they deserved, the curse of being an opening act.

Things livened up considerably for Blackened Metallers Hecate Enthroned, who came onstage to a well-filled room and delivered material that leaned very much towards a blackened set.

Hecate Enthroned

'The Pagan Swords Of Legend', 'The Crimson Thorns' and 'Upon The Kingdom Throne' were all accompanied by an enthusiastic, inflatable sword waving fan at the front of the room.

The highpoint naturally was Akercocke, touring their latest offering 'Renaissance in Extremis' and they delivered superbly, again. This is the fourth time since they returned from their hiatus that I've seen them live, the second here at The Underworld as well as Leeds Damnation Festival and Brighton Mammothfest.

Sadly I never managed to catch their older incarnation live, something that has more than been made up for since and each time they have been exemplary in their performance.

Set wise they began with a couple of old tracks, 'Horns of Baphomet' and the enigmatic 'Sons of the Morning' from 'The Goat of Mendes' and 'Choronzon' albums before delivering, superbly, in its entirety 'Renaissance...'.


The high point of the set for me was the crushing yet movingly reflective 'Inner Sanctum' before ending as they had begun, with a couple of old classics in the shape of 'A Skin For Dancing In' and finally 'Enraptured By Evil'.

There were a few minor technical hitches, the first cleverly and distractingly masked by a quick impromptu one man jamming session from Paul whilst Jason and Sam investigated something beneath the keyboards.

There was an absence of seagulls and waves on the opener to 'Familiar Ghosts' as Jason and Sam humorously shouted to each other that there were "No seagulls in the sampler!" However the crowd didn't mind and even improvised and offered the band their own version.

This turned out to be more like demented crows but the effort was nonetheless appreciated I'm sure.


I couldn't fault the ability of Akercocke to deliver the goods once again. The overall sound was good and their performance both individually and collectively was excellent.

The record translated superbly from studio to stage and I can't listen to 'Inner Sanctum' without feeling a certain degree of emotion as well as awe for Jason's ability to switch from sublime cleans to angry roars in a heartbeat.


David's drum work is always complex but never overbearing, add to that some excellent guitar work, overall delivering that inimitable, complex and sophisticated brand of Blackened Death Metal they are known and loved for.

The one thing that seemed to get people more excited than anything was when Jason whipped out his trumpet (not a euphemism either) for a quick blast on 'A Particularly Cold September'.







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